Monumental Monday

I took my camera with me on a recent trip into the neighborhoods of Portland.  What I found was a certain love affair that we have for statues and monuments.

Some large


Some small


Statues to commemorate events


Monuments to great people

P1000159      P1000174.JPG

Monuments to bad taste


Monuments to our best friends

P1000182.JPG  P1000155.JPG

All these monuments are dedicated to a past.  What of the present?  I think that every time we show kindness we are building our own monument.  Hold the door open for someone? There’s a brush stroke on your life’s canvas!  Give a needed hug?  That’s a chip in the marble block of your life’s sculpture.

All these add up until in the end…


you’ve cast an effigy that may not be remembered by millions, but by the ones that have been touched by your kindness, laughter and grace.


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