Christmas Is Here!

Hark how the bells
Sweet silver bells
All seem to say
Throw cares away
Berry Bell
Christmas is here
Bringing good cheer
To young and old
Meek and the bold

Heather 1

Ding dong ding dong
That is their song
With joyful ring
All caroling. 
Blue Bell 1
One seems to hear
Words of good cheer
From everywhere 
Filling the air


Oh how they pound, 
Raising the sound
O’er hill and dale
Telling their tale. 
White Bell 2
Gaily they ring
While people sing
Songs of good cheer
Christmas is here

Golden bells courtesy of Heather G.

Red bell courtesy of Cindy and Lizzie K

Carol of the Bells. Lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky

Wordy Wednesday

They say it takes a few seconds to live a lifetime in our dreams.

Some people take a lifetime to live their dreams.

Fortunate are those that are able live their dreams with eyes wide open and share it with others to witness.