The Adventure Begins!

I’m in 3rd grade at Holy Redeemer.  Mrs. Robinson is recommending a book for me to read.  It’s a good book for a young boy like me she says.  Ugh!  I want the book about the weapons of the Cold War.  The Davy Crockett rocket and the Little John missile!  I’m already a little headstrong.  I get MY book…. and it was GREAT!

The closest library to us was the Killingsworth branch. I remember getting my first library card.  Great! Now I’d have to pay a fine for overdue books.  I paid up!

Ok.  Maybe the car was a little newer but it’s the same building

The building seemed HUGE!  I knew I was getting older by the aisles that I would progress.  Aisles filled with adventure, facts and fun! But, we all had to start somewhere, right? Books like this that I discovered after I had boys of my own:


I’ve read the complete works of Louis L’amour, Tom Clancy and Stephen Donaldson. Hundreds of hours, paper cuts, late nights and engrossed lunch hours.  Books are now a trusted companion.  I feel strange if I don’t have one with me.


A whole library branch in my pocket

Nowadays, I’ve got my trusty eReader.  No more paper cuts!  No more wet pages.  No more fretting over whether to get rid of a finished book or keep it.  (you wouldn’t toss away a good friend when your conversation is over, would you?)

Just the pure enjoyment of the Book! Of the Adventure!