‘Cause Your Eyes Have A Mist From The Smoke Of A Distant Fire

This isn’t a post about global warming.  Though I believe the current version is called climate change.  This isn’t a post about the failed forestry and grasslands management policies of the last decade.  Though it very well could be construed as that.  This is a post about the consequences of those protocols by which the timber and agriculture industries must abide.

Many of you have seen the air quality in the Pacific Northwest.

Sunset on a “clear” day

It’s not pretty


This a shot from a previous post of the sunrise over Mt. Hood.

IMG-0371 (1).JPG

This one is taken from the same vantage point this week at the same time of morning.


The Tualatin and Chehalem Valley are famous for their wine and grape production.  Your Merlot may have smokey undertones after this year.  In case you didn’t know, the Coast Range should be visible as a backdrop to this rolling farm region.

Life goes on in spite of the mayhem humans try to cause.




Life and Nature will always win.