It’s In The Can

I’ve been retired for a couple years now. I had a good run at Providence Health System. I was retired due to “budgetary concerns”. Oh well, that’s in the rear view mirror, right?

I’ve been working around the house. Definitely getting on my long-suffering wife’s last nerve. It was decided that I needed something to keep me busy. After a couple of false starts I’ve ended up at the Oregon Zoo in the Portland West Hills.

I’m a volunteer focusing on roving the habitats. I answer questions about animals and their habitats at the zoo. I’ll steer parents to the nearest restroom or restaurant or the nearest exit.

One thing a guest doesn’t expect to find at a zoo is artwork. Oregon Zoo is no different. We have had artwork for as long as I can remember coming to the Oregon Zoo.

Still, the new pieces are more and more intriguing. From the Washed Ashore exhibit created completely from trash washed up on Oregon beaches to this recent addition.

Polar Passages just opened up. It’s the new home of the ever popular Nora the polar bear. It’s only appropriate that theme associated artwork be included in the new habitat. Here is just one of the wonderful sculptures.

What’s so amazing about these sculptures, aside from the beauty, is that they are made completely out of repurposed aluminum cans!

This particular sculpture has 1500 lbs. of scrap aluminum cans molded and hammered into a lifelike form full of character and mystery.

On your next visit to the zoo, stop and observe the animals in their habitats. Enjoy an elephant ear. And take time to look, feel and enjoy the sculptures and murals. They really do round out the whole trip.