Fauna Could Be Overrated

True it is a zoo. The Oregon Zoo is one of the best around. Recognized for its elephant breeding program. Working hard to return the California Condor from near extinction. Soon to have a pair Black Rhinos!

Folks, meet King!

And I’ve talked about the art pieces on display throughout the zoo

The bronze goats await your visit

What I’d like to share this time is the beautiful and useful foliage on display all year long at the Oregon Zoo. No matter if your strolling through The Family Farm or have journeyed to Africa, the horticulturists have done their best to dazzle our guests.

Even in the worst of weather there’s something to catch the eye

I know, its just a hill of brush and trees…
but even the prunings and clippings from maintenance are used as…
browse and snacks for the mightiest rhino and the most delicate of butterflies.

So, there you have it. From Bob the Orangutan to sculptures of Nora the Polar Bear to the wonderful colors and textures of the plant life. Just look up, down or around. You’ll find that your zoo experience has expanded in a way that’ll make you want to come back for more.

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