Good or Bad

At the grocery store. Our list includes the usual. Nothing exotic. Let’s see… Ranch dressing.


There are eleven different types of Kraft Ranch Dressings! Should it be the Cheesy Jalapeño or the Home-style. It shouldn’t be this hard!  We go Classic Ranch .

Next, the cereal aisle. Cheerios.


Aw crap! No less than 16 separate flavors of Cheerios!  Why?  Everything from chocolate to Strawberries ‘n Cream.  I’m a purist.  Boring, old stand by original Cheerios.

When I get to work…

IMG-2317 (1)

There are 24 babies who are dependent on the choices made by doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, CNA’s, social workers, therapists, respiratory techs, dietitians and infant nutrition techs to devise a plan of care to present to their parents so more choices can be made.


All so they can eventually go home and be kids.

Choices abound in our everyday world. Some choices affect a wide orbit like the proverbial stone in still waters. Some are one and done but with just as much of a splash.

“I think life is a matter of choices and that wherever we are, good or bad, is because of choices we make.”

~ Lou Holtz