Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

I’ve lived in Oregon all my life.  So what?  Well, that’s 61 years of trips to the beach.  In all those trips I have never had the pleasure of getting onto the sand at Oceanside.  What an incredibly beautiful stretch of coastline.  You might say it’s short and to the point.  Not long.  Not wide. Just right for a quick explore!

My first view of Oceanside Beach

I visited on a windy day.  A cooooold day.  As you can see though, it didn’t keep real Oregonians from enjoying a little fishing.

Whole lotta wet for not many bites

Looking up and down the beach found grays and whites with the stray green of kelp and orange of a broken crab shell.  I saw a small structure on the north end of the beach.  I’m frozen anyway, what’s a few more minutes to figure this out, right?  The closer I got the more intriguing it became.  It’s a tunnel!  I’m going in!  What could possibly go wrong, right?

It was well worth the trips and slides over slimy rocks.   The view was outstanding!


We continued on to Cape Lookout day use area.  Never been there either.  I could have spent another hour or two here.  As I said before, it was cooooold!  I saw enough to appreciate its beauty, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Fish spawning creek 
Looking north to Oceanside


Looking south towards Cape Lookout

With treasures like these to see, I’m definitely going back!

2 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

  1. Wow, who says one can’t go back! I have been there before and the pictures brought back so many memories. I miss the Oregon coast so much … thank you for sharing 😘


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