The Adventure Begins!

I’m in 3rd grade at Holy Redeemer.  Mrs. Robinson is recommending a book for me to read.  It’s a good book for a young boy like me she says.  Ugh!  I want the book about the weapons of the Cold War.  The Davy Crockett rocket and the Little John missile!  I’m already a little headstrong.  I get MY book…. and it was GREAT!

The closest library to us was the Killingsworth branch. I remember getting my first library card.  Great! Now I’d have to pay a fine for overdue books.  I paid up!

Ok.  Maybe the car was a little newer but it’s the same building

The building seemed HUGE!  I knew I was getting older by the aisles that I would progress.  Aisles filled with adventure, facts and fun! But, we all had to start somewhere, right? Books like this that I discovered after I had boys of my own:


I’ve read the complete works of Louis L’amour, Tom Clancy and Stephen Donaldson. Hundreds of hours, paper cuts, late nights and engrossed lunch hours.  Books are now a trusted companion.  I feel strange if I don’t have one with me.


A whole library branch in my pocket

Nowadays, I’ve got my trusty eReader.  No more paper cuts!  No more wet pages.  No more fretting over whether to get rid of a finished book or keep it.  (you wouldn’t toss away a good friend when your conversation is over, would you?)

Just the pure enjoyment of the Book! Of the Adventure!



2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!

    1. Thanks for you comment! Yup, right next to the funeral home and down Killingsworth from putt putt golf! Don’t forget to fill in the name so I know who I am talking to! LOL


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