PDX De-Evolution

In 1909 a Portland businessman commissioned a statue. It was to commemorate the elk herds that would come to graze in the downtown area.

After the killing of George Floyd over six weeks ago, downtown has become a progressively violent and unsafe space.

Attacking the Multnomah County Justice Center became a favorite target. Only after there were no more windows to shatter or stores to loot. Windows were breached and fires were lit inside in an attempt to burn it down even though the building was still occupied by employees and prisoners.

Now, the Portland Police have been ordered to stand down and forbidden from using non-lethal crowd control methods. The City Council has disowned the police. The District Attorney just declined to prosecute 59 arrestees. Almost all charged with felony arson.

Downtown Portland continues to devolve into a burned out urban war zone. The message of thousands of peaceful protesters has been lost amid the continued violence. Jerry Nadler called Antifa “imaginary”. Perhaps Mr. Nadler would like to take a stroll in downtown Portland this evening?

Note: I have used a mix of personal images, images from the OregonLive reports and from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from Antifa.