Giant Sloths And Giant Shave Ice

I’m a little bit of a history buff.  Some say I’m just a plain, old history nerd.  Everyone in town knows that Tualatin Oregon is home to a Woolly Mammoth.  There’s a statue of it outside Cabella’s.  Do these same people know that a Harlan’s Giant Sloth’s bones were also  found in Tualatin?  It was a big bubba too!  The beast weighed three to four tons and stretched up to 20 feet long!  Just a little cuddle bug.


Now here’s a little known fact.  An innovative and exciting food cart was almost history in Tualatin before it ever got to be.  Let me introduce you to the Pupu Shack!


The Pupu Shack is a whimsically decorated purveyor of shave ice.  Shave ice is the light, snowy ice creations that are so tasty and cooling on a hot summer’s day.  “Big deal, its a snow cone” you say?  I would beg to differ with you on this.

The beautiful and smiling Sadie was our guide to the magical world of shave ice this week.  (Yes, its SHAVE ice, not shaved)  Her menu is extensive.


The tastes are simple to exotic.  This much is certain though, whatever you decide on will be an adventure in fun, color and taste.

Can you believe the Pupu Shack almost didn’t happen?  Red tape, city council skepticism and zoning problems for Tualatin’s inaugural food cart were abundant.  The Pupu Shack family stuck it out though.  With the support of its fans it now has a permanent location and a traveling van in the city!

All that is in the past.  Surf’s up and it’s time for shave ice!









For locations and more info please go to

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