Large And In Charge

When I think about advertisements these days, I believe they are blah, loud and obnoxious.  Let’s take a trip back to when companies or towns used to try to catch your eye, to tell a story or just have fun.

Harvey the Rabbit has always been a favorite in the Portland area.  He’s always been a snappy dresser!


Paul Bunyan on Denver Avenue has stood tall for 59 years!  He’s even on the National Register of Historic Places.  And he’s always smiling!


Let’s leave the Portland area and head south.  The town of Grants Pass has it’s own welcoming gentleman.  The Grants Pass Caveman!  He always looks so surprised.  Probably can’t believe the line at In ‘N Out


If you’re looking for some hardware in Medford, you could just look for the Blackbird.  Trust me, with that distinctive coloring, you won’t miss it!  I wonder if he ever gets a bird’s nest in his casting reel?


Finally, I was hoping for some truth in advertisement when I saw this.  Then I saw the disclaimer and I was sorta sad.  I likes me a gooood hot dog!


There are more but they’re so big I don’t have room for all of them here.  Where ever they are though, they will always bring a smile when you see them!


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