Could Have Gone Better

It’s been beautiful weather here in northwest Oregon. Fruit trees are blooming and the lawn needs cutting. What a better time to go exploring!

I thought we’d try a new spot. A fairly popular spot called Mary’s Peak in the Coast Range. At over 4000ft elevation it promised wonderful views.

The drive up could have gone better. We followed Forest Service directions without success. We switched to Mapquest. While it got us closer to our destination, it took us on a ten mile backroad journey only to meet up with the road we left an hour before!

We finally arrived at our destination, sort of.

I turned back after a snowy and icy half mile walk. And no, no wildflowers.

Our trip home could have gone better. The Dodge truck didn’t see traffic (us) slowing down for a turning car.

To sum up the first day of Spring 2018? It could have gone better.

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