Madam Leota Tells All

The crystal ball. A huckster’s prop? A seer’s gateway? How many of us can truly say for certain that these perfectly rounded spheres are powerless or all powerful?

Accept for a moment that, instead of bending light, these beautifully translucent orbs can actually bend time and space. What would you do?

Would you go forward to see how your grandchildren are doing? Or would go back to hold your Nana’s hand one more time?

Would you go forward to make a killing in the stock market? Or would you go back to stop a killing?

Would go forward to make sure you’re still together? Or go back to keep the one that got away?

Time and space within our sphere is perfectly clear but at the same time in constant distortion. Life is much the same. We would prefer it to be easier and clearer than it usually is. Yet our inherent human distortion keeps us gazing deeper to make sense of it all.


2 thoughts on “Madam Leota Tells All

  1. Much as I loved my Nana, I doubt I’d choose to bend the time-space continuum to get one more backward glance. Nor would I give up today for a quick peek into the future. I’d rather find the joys (and lessons) in the present moment.

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