Of Pop-Tarts and Chaos


Never bend the rules.  You bend the rules a little bit and then it’s a slippery slope.

-Thomas Peterffy


We’ll all agree that some rules are an evil necessity.  Little things like murder, treason or driving slow in the hammer lane are to be expected and respected.  Some rules are very personal. I will shower everyday.  I will wear big boy pants when the temp dips below 50º.

Then there are the rules that verge on common sense.  I’m talking about vegetables in desserts.  How can anyone with a shred of moral decency tell me that a main meal side dish belongs in the reason for cleaning your plate?

If you put this 84D2178C-CB83-4DE3-8B25-17D47E27CE45.JPG

into a yummy spice cake,

you get this abomination. 51AA0E00-6E37-4082-A14B-F8DCE29F9C1C.JPG

If you put these 8E5C3803-A258-481E-A6BD-FE7B4998C96B

into these Image result for brownies

You’ve ruined a perfectly good batch of brownies

In an effort to cow our morale and force us to be healthy, my employer has loaded the snack food machines with baked, low sodium, air-popped sticks and twigs.


I’m here to tell you there is a saint in our midst.  A rebel in the hen house!  For if you look closely, you will find the the rules have been broken and the start of that slippery slope.



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