Don’t forget

A good friend once told me that age is a number but old is a state of mind. I really agree with that. Sometimes it’s hard to remember, though. After a long day at work, I feel my age. When my granddaughter has no idea what I’m talking about when I tell her she sounds like a broken record? That’s when I feel old.


Much to my granddaughter’s chagrin I dance in the car when she INSISTS on listening to Radio Disney on the way to school. We make Cake Wars and Fixer Upper interactive experiences. I talk to my pups because they do understand. Except the new one. I’m still not sure about that one.


My advice during this awesome fall season? Kick through a pile of leaves. See that turtle in the clouds. Moo at the cows when you’re on your next drive.


We are all aging. That’s inevitable. The good news is you don’t have to get old.  That’s the easy part!  Just don’t forget to play….


All images © Tony Meyer

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